Using the lessons of this book, you will be able to apply the principles in your life for happier and healthier living.

What Maximum Mental Health 
will teach you

How to apply key Fast-Action-Techniques in every core area of life for great results. 

5 important reasons to get the book

  • Regardless of whether you are a self-improvement advocate seeking the latest strategies or a person wanting to overcome depression or anxiety, there is something in this book for you.  

  • A decade of clinical research and consulting experience has gone into Maximum Mental Health. 

  • Highly practical and engaging, this was not written for academics but for everyday people who want to improve the the key areas of their life. 

  • The content of Maximum Mental Health lays all the research foundation and optional links to my popular mental health hypnosis recordings.

  • Bonus Learning Integration Gifts - The free sample chapter also reveals how you can obtain the bonus audio training, before you even get the book! 

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About Maximum Mental Health

Book Synopsis

Unlock the 20 Principles of
Maximum Mental Health 

Whether you are a passionate self-improvement enthusiast, or someone currently seeking  strategies to overcome depression, anxiety or a related mental health condition, 
the 20 principles revealed will put you on a clear path to happier and healthier living.

There has never been a greater need for such a manual.
In most Western countries, up to 45% of people experience a mental health condition, with 25% of those being diagnosable in any one year. 25% of people will struggle with depression or anxiety.

Over 50% of the population suffers from high stress, over 50% of
people are overweight and over 50% of people will separate from their long-term partner. 

Don't be another statistic!
Based on real-world results gained from a decade of clinical consulting and research experience, "Maximum Mental Health" outlines how you can overcome depression or anxiety, take control and revolutionize your motivation, optimism, sleep, nutrition, 
physical health, relationships, social skills, creativity, achievements, pleasure, mood, confidence, self-esteem, personality, belief systems
and more. 
With 3 free mindfulness meditation recordings to download as an additional bonus, now is the perfect time to maximize your mental health.

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Expert Comments on Maximum Mental Health

  • Sometimes science needs to be broken down into consumable chunks to sustain our wellbeing and encourage growth. Aleks Srbinoski's practical guidance in this book "Maximum Mental Health" does just that. The skills and perspective provided could take upwards of 20 sessions to cover if you were completing individual therapy. My advice... read Aleks' words, let them permeate, and then be active and chip away at the concepts and skills over the next few months. Alek presents you with tools for change, let them work for you.”

    Dr. Benjamin L. Wilkes., Clinical Psychologist and Allied Health Manager, Macquarie University.  

  • An excellent resource on tried-and-tested ideas and techniques to achieve success and maintain full mental health.”

    Tom Butler-Bowdon., Bestselling author of 50 Psychology Classics and 50 Self-Help Classics. 

  • In a very practical and real way, Aleks Srbinoski’s Maximum Mental Health truly leads the reader to maximize his/her own mental health and well-being. As a counselor-turned-mental-health-writer, I’m impressed by the way Srbinoski presents useful information and tools in a way that allows people to both understand and apply the techniques to enhance their mental wellness both immediately and in the long term.” 

    Tanya J. Peterson., Mental Health Columnist and author of critically acclaimed and award-winning mental-health-themed novels 

  • The author applies evidence-based scientific practice in an accessible and engaging manner that helps the reader overcome one of the most change limiting aspects of ill mental health… motivation. His Fast Action Techniques are the most beneficial aspect as they allow the reader to experience immediate feedback from small and progressive changes in multiple aspects of their life – from work and exercise to relationships and spirituality. Most importantly, the author reminds the reader to get in touch with their Human and participate in that essential human aspect of empathy via compassionate giving. Highly recommended reading.”

    Dr. Robert Battisti, PHD., Principal Clinical Psychologist, Mind Plasticity

  • I am the principle and one of the 9 doctors working in a group General Practice. For almost a decade we have been referring our patients struggling with mental illness to Aleks. I have been most impressed with his results which are confirmed by the feedback from my patients. Now with “Maximum Mental Health”, he finally shares all his key principles and secrets so he can help even more people.”

    Dr. John Cheung., Principle Doctor of Crown West Medical, Registrar Supervisor and Senior Clinical Lecturer

About the Author

Aleks George Srbinoski is a #1 bestselling author, speaker and multidisciplinary psychologist focusing on mental health, success, happiness and entrepreneurship.

Known as a leading expert in success and happiness strategies, he is the founder of and author
of the Success Secrets Series, and the Fulfilling Happiness Program.

Addicted to self-development, humor and connecting to like-minded people you can follow him on Twitter (@AleksPsych) where he posts self-development content regularly and has over
14, 000 followers. 

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